Saturday, September 9, 2006


Comments to the 'Perfection' article:

Awareness isn’t empty. It may be a container of sorts, but it’s not an empty vessel. What does it contain? It contains thoughts, and those thoughts manifest in physical form. This is what we call physical reality.

Wrong. Physical reality is not the manifestation of thoughts. Gravity exists independently from me and although I think of giant red balloons falling from the sky they obviously don't manifest in physical form.

Perfection cannot exist without imperfection.

Why not? It might not be recognized as perfection (since it cannot be contrasted to something else) but it still could be perfection.

Our deepest flaws are that which give rise to our greatest beauty.

What does that mean? What's beautiful in an alcoholic who beats his woman? Where's the beauty in the flaw?

Our most horrific and painful failure experiences are those that allow us to grow the most and to help the most people. Our failures are perfect failures.

If they don't kill or break us. Generally speaking though it's of course true that failures can help us grow.

That which causes us the greatest suffering is also that which gives us the greatest joy.

Ever told that a woman who got raped or a parent who lots its child?

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