Saturday, September 9, 2006

'The true nature of Reality'

In his latest podcast (The true nature of Reality) Steve Pavlina raves about subjective reality. He argues that everything that exists around you and everything that happens to you is due to your subconscious and the 'Law of Attraction'. Meaning Reality is the reflection of your thoughts (and only yours). You get what you believe that you'll get ... for good and bad.

You can't fly? That's because you cannot imagine yourself flying.
You can't manifest a red balloon out of thin air? That's because you deep down believe it to be impossible therefore attracting this negative confirmation.
You've been raped? That's because you intentioned it somehow.

And so he rambles on. I'm really worried he's loosing touch with reality and getting insane. Or maybe it's only a marketing ploy. And he'll of course claim that it's only because of my thoughts. Because I want him to look that way ... etc etc.

He is using the same technique that a lot of self-help gurus and religions use day in and day out. They claim things they cannot prove. They claim that YOU can do anything you want. And if you fail it's only because YOU didn't accurately use their 'method', or 'law' or 'whatever'. They're NEVER wrong.

And of course it's, because of their vague premisses, impossible to prove them wrong. But it's up to them to prove their theories, not the other way round!

I say:The Law of Attraction/Nessy/the aliens/the angels don't exist as long as their existences have not been proven.
They would say: They exist as long as their inexistence have not been proven.

But how to prove something that doesn't exist in the first place? Prove to me that there isn't a yellow Sasquatch standing besides me right now?

So IF these Laws were real, why don't people like Steve realize world peace then? Or why doesn't he go to the Casino and win a million dollar? Why is he instead stuck behind his computer urging people to donate to him?

Oh, I forgot, that's only MY subjective reality. The 'real' Steve of course makes millions and lives in a perfect world!

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