Saturday, September 9, 2006

'The true nature of Reality' - addenum

Some more thoughts concerning this podcast:

Generally speaking I have to admit that Steve seems to be a real good, passionate and positive guy and his theories seem to help him being able to live a fuller life. That's good and I don't want to attack that!

But he should be differentiate more clearly the different elements of his 'subjective reality' theory.

  • On the one hand he's absolutely right: you can shape your reality in the sense that if you're loving and positive the world also seems more loving and positive
  • On the other he's absolutely wrong and delusional: Reality doesn't just exist because he (or I?) thinks about it. Nor does gravity just exist because I think it should exist. Nor is everyone besides us just another reflection of our higher self. That's utter bullocks. He has absolutely no evidence that supports those parts of his theory. If he could change gravity, why doesn't he? Just once, for fun?
And the typical excuse for failure of such a flawed theory is the following: If Reality doesn't change, then it's because YOU didn't really think it could! So the blame is always on you, never on the theory. Excuses like this should ALWAYS be a warning sign!

It's too bad that he messes his positif, correct views on self-esteem and the like with this totally bogus view of the 'Law of Attraction' and 'Manifestion'. Yes, you can to a certain extent attract people and situations if you change your behavior and when you're looking for situations! But you cannot attract things via magic. Or change the physical laws of the Universe. That's wishful thinking and delusional.

Of course he can always prove me wrong. I'd like to see that! :)

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