Saturday, September 9, 2006

Your true identity: ego or awareness

This is the article. So, let's go:

My opinion is that the objective model is totally inaccurate. Despite the hefty doses of social conditioning urging me to accept it, I’ve had to reject it as being incongruent. It doesn’t fit my experiences, and there are too many questions it can’t answer to my satisfaction. Since I don’t want to go insane by trying to believe something false, I’ve had to let it go.

To me it looks like you're going insane though ...

Having experienced both models first-hand, I can’t imagine returning to the objective model.

I'd like to hear more about these oh so convincing first-hand experiences. Unfortunately the only experiences he talks about in his podcasts are situatiouns that could completely explained by coincidences. And of course he only concentrates on those manifestations that do 'realize'. He ignores those that don't or blames himself for net believing enough in them ...

Even a skeptical person would find, upon observing the details of my life, many of which are unfolding on this blog in real-time, that even my objective reality has improved considerably since I switched to a subjective belief system.

True, your life has changed and improved. And this is due to your belief system. But that alone does not mean the belief system is true in itself. It just shows the positive energy and effects that motivation has! Some people believe in God, experience him as a subjective reality and it helps them. Does it mean that their God is the 'true' one? Not necessarily. Same here with Steve. The thing you believe in does not need to exist, your belief alone is what matters.

I would think that if my belief system were inaccurate, my ability to function in the world would be impaired, not improved.

Again, not necessarily. People have different belief systems all over the world and they would all claim that it improved their live. And yet they couldn't all be true or real.

If from an objective perspective, I’ve crossed into insanity, then I must say I’m quite happy here and don’t plan on returning anytime soon.

As long as you don't hurt yourself or anybody else during that time, that's completely fine. A lot of religious people act the same as you. Whatever makes you happy.

So far subjective reality seems to fit my experience like a glove, and it’s able to provide satisfying answers to my questions, often in very simple and elegant ways.

That's because you're satisfied with vague and improvable answers. Again, just like religious people.

The challenge, however, is explaining these subjective answers to someone who believes wholeheartedly in the objective model. I can do that to my satisfaction, but often not to theirs.

An evangelical christians can also explain his model satisfactory for himself. But not for others.

Hopefully my skill as a translator will improve with practice.

I hope so too ...

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